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Wide Awake


Wide Awake


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Joy Kills Sorrow's sound is born from the best of two worlds. They start with a base of time-honored timbres and techniques, yet fashion original songs and arrangements that reflect a love of indie-rock and new folk. They take their name from the 1930s radio station WJKS, Where Joy Kills Sorrow, a studio where the Monroe Brothers played; and are armed with formidable talent - a Winfield finger picking champion guitarist, a John Lennon Songwriting Contest winning composer, and the haunting voice of Emma Beaton, a young performer of the year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Sweet, full of swagger, and thoroughly fresh, they're honing a new territory in acoustic string band music. This seven song mini album features their stunning cover of "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service.

Wide Awake

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